A new partnership to improve TB treatments around the world


endTB aims to find shorter, less toxic and more effective treatments for ‘multidrug-resistant TB’ (MDR-TB) through:

  • access to new drugs
  • a clinical trial
  • advocacy at national and global levels.

Covering 15 countries, the project is a partnership between Partners In Health, Médecins Sans Frontières, Interactive Research & Development and financial partner UNITAID.

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endTB clinical trial begins in first country, Georgia

TB doctor Irma Davitadze at work at the Regional Center of Infectious Pathology, AIDS and Tuberculosis in Batumi, a beach resort town on the Black Sea. MSF has worked here since 2014. (Daro Sulakauri)


6 March 2017

The endTB partnership announce the launch of their major clinical trial, which aims to revolutionize MDR-TB treatments.

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Watch: MSF animation on endTB's clinical trial



8 December 2016

Wondering what endTB’s clinical trial aims to achieve, exactly? Watch this MSF-produced video to find out more.

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